Reining on Water Quality
Nature Mystery Adventure

Five Mile Camp offers students an educational trail that is a special developed hiking path running through our natural countryside of southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma.   Along this path are marked stations that allow the students to explore and problem solve points of natural interest.   Each of the stations offers interactive and hands-on activities that include display cases, models, and the necessary tools that allow for scientific inquiry.   Students will implement the scientific method to analyze botanical and zoological specimens in order to interpret their role in the ecosystem.  These stations will have the students practicing skills that align with the science standards and can be easily integrated into the classroom.

A Five Mile Camp tradition is allowing campers the opportunity to enjoy saddling up our horses and experiencing all of the adventures of a trail ride.  This trail ride has been specifically developed to give students an interactive and hands-on approach to scientific inquiry in relation to the chemical analysis of several sources of water and the importance of maintaining the quality of our environmental resources.

Students will step aboard Five Mile Camp's refurbished antique 90ft passenger train car dubbed the Science Express.  Passengers aboard our train will get hands-on experience in the area of physical science.  Many exibits have been created to allow students to gain knowledge in such topics as conversion of energy, magnetism, forces, and electricity.  These science exibits in the antique train will certainly wow the students and pique their curiosity in science!

It's always a memorable Five Mile Camp experience when you face the physical factors of the zip line.   Students appreciate gravity in a whole new way when they are staring down from the 25-foot platform.   They then can feel the exhilarating forces of motion as they accelerate across the length of the zip line adventure.    This personal experience will allow your student to connect to the forces of nature as they work through the scientific process.  The students will gather, interpret, and analyze data as well as utilize the information collected in order to construct data tables and graphs of their experience.   The activities involved in the zip line are aligned with the physical and life science standards.

Chugging into Science
Zip Into Science


Our goal of the Five Mile Camp Science Adventure is to provide a program that allows students to gain valuable science experiences through the use of discovery based education models.   Students will learn necessary science concepts using hands-on materials rather than direct instruction methods.    We believe that students can learn more about the world around them through such interactive activities.   It is our hope that your students will have the opportunity to become engaged in our science activities.  

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